Most companies face a decline at some point in their lifetime. We step in to assess the root cause of the decline, and provide a clear path of recovery regardless of whether its strategic or operational. The turnaround plan requires all aspects of the business to be addressed to achieve the desired outcomes.

Fractional CXO

As a fractional CXO, we take ownership of a key role in running your business. The CXO would bring in the management depth to help the company achieve success without burning a hole in their pocket, and yet being unsure of achieving the outcomes.

Strategy Consulting

We build Strategy and Implementation Plans based on the current state of the business and the company's vision and mission for the future. Our recommendations are backed by "how" rather than just "What".

Business Transformation

We collaborate and design a Business Transformation plan that results in improvement in the Top Line, Lower Operating Costs, and better customer experience, leading to an overall increase in the economic value of the business

CXO & Board Advisory

CEOs have a tough and often lonely job to steer their ship. As a trusted advisor, our executive team offers an advisory services on all aspects of running and growing the business. Boards may want an independent assessment on the health of their business and get a third part view on how to move the business ahead.

Management Consulting

We assess gaps in the organizational system and provide recommendations on how to get people, systems and processes to work cohesively to deliver the best value to the company's customers and shareholders.


Turnaround Tree was formed with one objective - To support businesses to make a lasting impact. We work relentlessly and passionately to deliver the results by being the trusted advisor to Senior Executives to create resilient business and operational strategies that deliver top-line growth, expand markets and maximise earnings.

We dig deep to identify the areas of growth, and the road blocks, and provide insights to change the way companies operate. We co-create competitive advantage by understanding your business at various levels. We use our Business and Operational experience to drive the right strategy with strong governance practices to keep a track on the performance of the business for it to succeed.


Turnaround Tree helps business leaders devise strategies that are agile and allow them compete in uncertain times D-VUCA (Digitial, Volatile, Uncertain and Ambiguous). We identify external threats and market opportunites and devise plans to leverage the company's resources to create their place in the market. Gone are the days where a long term strategy could hold on its own. The disruption and opportunities are presenting themselves differently all the time, and this means that business leaders would have to make radical changes to their strategy. Whether it is solving a long term challenge or tackling short term imperatives, we help businesses do that.


Every business needs to innovate, transform and adapt to the rapidly changing market scenarios. Even the leaders in each industry have to undergo shorter transformation curves than before to stay relevant. Our analysis provides insights into various aspects of the business that need to be addressed to continue winning in the market. These may involve short term tactical changes or larger scale transformation depending on the stage of maturity of the business.


Seeing the need for change from outside is easier than driving the change from inside. The same applies to most consulting firms who will be able to diagnose the problem and even recommend a solution, but the question of implementation remains unanswered. This is where Turnaround Tree takes ownership of the agreed action plan, and the founder plays a key role in driving the change while playing a Key Management Role until the change in embeded in the system. This role is called Fractional as the participation would depend on the scope of the role and the change mandate.


It is a hard and often loney struggle at the top, especially when the dynamics of the business are ever evolving. The balance between experience and execution is fraught with risks of the unknown, which leads to cautious decision making. Cautious decisions may yield the desired outcome but often fail to capture the real potential of the opportunity. What makes it worse is when one is sitting at the top of the company and doesn't know who to trust in the corporate rat race. We play not just a sounding board for the CXOs and Top Management but also to the board of a company. We build and keep the Trust and help navigate through some of the most complex issues that CXOs would be hesitant to discuss with others.


From reviewing Organization Practices to Organizational Design to measuring Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness, we offer a broad range of services. Our approach is to look at each aspect of the business from a lens of value creation vs value destruction. Our pivots for change emerge from the existing structures to design an Operating Model that removes unnecessary complexity and allows the company to realize its strategic objectives.


Running a business is complex, and the larger and more diverse the business, the higher the risk of facing headwinds and potentially decline at some point in time. At times, a minor event is considered inconsequential and management teams take comfort in ignoring these as an aberration. In some cases, these minor events can cummulatively erode organizational value faster than they can be controlled. Such instances can lead to a rapid decline that is difficult to arrest. At Turnaround, our collective experience helps businesses diagnose the cause of the event, Build Strategies, Interventions and Plans to reverse the decline.