A Tree symbolises life and eternal wisdom. The older the tree is, greater is the possibility to provide an entire ecosystem for life to flourish. Equally, it symbolizes Strength and Stability. Its roots run deep, and wide that allows it to weather most storms, regardless of the changes around it.

Almost all companies face decline at some point in their lifecycle. Regardless of the cause of the decline, with the appropriate and timely intervention, new life can be breathed into the system to turn it around.

Our team has worked for large global corporates and have been in situations where Turnarounds were required. They have have delivered transformation through planning, and driving strategic interventions. Their experience as Management Consultants have exposed them to lending their experience across a wide range of industries.

Thus was born Turnaround Tree - To bring the best of management practices, and nourish the wilting branches of an organisation to create significant economic value. All practices at Turnaround Tree are aimed at achieving success for our clients.


Dhruv, the founder of Turnaround Tree, has been relentless in his pursuit of growth and excellence throughout his career. He has been on the Leadership Teams of several large companies and has diverse experience in growing and running global businesses. He has been responsible for several turnarounds, and has been responsible for Strategy, Business Transformation, Capability Building, International Expansion, and M&A.

Dhruv has been an advisor to several CEOs and COOs as a Management Consultant. His straight talk and experience based practical advise has always been valued by his clients

In his pursuit of constant learing, Dhruv did his Executive MBA from INSEAD, and also a Masters in International Marketing from the University of Leeds.

He is a certified Independent Director from IICA.